Classic Corvettes of Orlando - Our History and Purpose

In October of 1983, a list of NCRS members in the Orlando area was given to Brent Ferguson to contact for an October meeting in Sarasota. Of that list, Brent & Janet Ferguson, Gary & Carol Sammett and Tom & Patti Carpenter met and became acquainted.

Later, as other owners of 1953-1967 Corvettes were found, their names were added to the original list and the idea of getting together all of Central Florida's Classic 1953-1967 Corvettes emerged.

On March 4, 1984, twenty Corvette owners responded to an invitation to a get-together at Dinky Dock Park by Rollins College in Winter Park. It was quite a sight and caused considerable congestion in the small park. Owners had picnics on the grounds, looked at each other's cars and talk of a club was mentioned.

Another outing in April, 1984 drew twenty-two OTHER Corvettes and a decision was made to organize. At "JR Jakes Pub" in East Orlando, an organizational meeting of Brent Ferguson, Tom & Patti Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jones, Joe Apfl and Chuck McDonald set out to define what kind of club they wanted.

It was decided that the club would be independent with no ties to national organizations or their rules; nor would it be obligated to a sponsor.

The club would welcome all types of 1953-1967 original, modified or custom. The love of the marque and the nostalgia of earlier times would form the bonds of the club – this has since proven to be so.

The first true club meeting was held in June, 1984 at Dade Savings (now CenTrust Bank) at E. Colonial and Bumby Ave. Officers were elected. They were:

Brent Ferguson - President
Tom Carpenter - Vice President
Janet Ferguson - Secretary
Joe Apfl - Treasurer

The restoration and enjoyment of early Corvettes have been the motivating factors for the success of Classic Corvettes of Orlando.

Classic Corvettes of Orlando was and is an idea for the times. Enthusiasts of early Corvettes have joined our ranks in growing numbers.

The Club is a social club with many parties, activities, but above all it is a CAR club.

Members help each other work on their cars, give advice, talk theory and help find parts. Members often caravan to shows around the area.